Friday 2 July 2010

Mr Union Man

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...

before my members interests, the national debt or morality of any sort must come ME< ME, ME. Bastards to a man and woman. All ugly, too.

Climate Scientologist said...

As well as lying to you about Climate Change, the left-wing, biased BBC is also engaged in a massive cover-up concerning the activities of Muslims in the UK, probably due to the fact that Islam is effectively the official religion of the BBC (as well as the Labour Party)

This is how foreign broadcasters have been reporting on recent events in the UK which, unsurprisingly, the Biased BBC have chosen to completely ignore.

Islam and the UAF abuse British Troops on Our Streets

Time to wake up people...

GoodnightVienna said...

And when they cross over into the EU, their pay & perks are even bigger.

I don't know if you remember the days when Labour were in Opposition (Heath/Thatcher/Major years) but the the Unions were always pro-EU whilst the Labour Party was against.

Funny how times changed for Blair/Brown once they had a taste of power and influence. Trades Union leaders have always been self-regarding w@nkers with a high opinion of themselves - joining Europe was their wet dream. Now they don't have to 'go' to Europe - Europe has come to us.

Old Seatonian said...

Marvellous how all these union people, new labour champagne socialists go on about the problems of ordinary workers and people. What on earth do they know about it!!!!!!!!!!
I watched Ian Duncan Smith on question time – very passionate. He makes no pretence, public school, army and business. But he has at least tried to visit deprived areas understand the problems and come up with a solution. One which does not involve throwing non-existent money to buy voters, aka the new labour approach.
These union leaders, Harman and all their crew just treat people with contempt. They know that many will always vote for Labour, so no need to look after them. Better to spend their time on the gravy train. In the posh hotels and conference centres talking dribble, rather than actualy getting out with real people on some poor housing estate. Look what happened when Brown met Mrs Duffy!!!

Anonymous said...