Monday 5 July 2010

Crook By Name, Crook By Nature?

"Marvellous Woman, A Real Princess - Lives in the USA, But I Do What I Can to Help Her...."

Disgraced former Liebore MP and trough-pig Frank Crook is apparently so cross with revelations in the Boregraph over his dodgy expense claims that he is taking legal action.

I hope the cunt is paying for this himself, out of the proceeds of 27 years on the public teat.

Interestingly, he was so reluctant to get his snout out of the trough even after the so-called reforms to the gravy train that he stood as an independent after Nu-Liebore were forced to deselect him over the revelations of his expense claims, and got fewer votes that the BNP. So it just shows that the Red Rosette stuck on a pig matters far more than all those years of serving his constituents by maxing out his "entitlements"!

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Actually Penguin, I was thinking that I might do an article on an honest MP... but I'm having diffculty finding one.

Climate Scientologist said...

Online tax scam gang get 40 years

After reading this story in The Register this morning I happened to click on the link to the HMRC web site and I have to say it makes for interesting reading indeed.

Just look at the faces of the people who've been shitting in our faces and laughing at us while they make off with our money...

Fugitives jailed for £3.9m VAT fraud

£37m tax crime gang jailed

“Dead” man working

Can you guess what they all have in common ? That's right, they all voted labour...

Ed P said...

What a very appropriate name for a trough-pig!

Ed P (for probity)

Anonymous said...

They are ALL foreign shit-heads and look woggish in the extreme.