Saturday 17 July 2010

The Bloodbath Begins?

"I have got nothing to say!"

Diane Abbott has decided that the nicely-nicely leadership election campaign was not going to do her any good, especially after she was eviscerated by Brillopad over her stupid racist remarks about West Indian mothers in a desperately crass attempt to excuse her hypocrisy in send her son to a fee-paying school whilst supporting policies designed to force less well-off parents to put up with shitty state schools.

So she has launched a third rate attack on the "geeks in suits".
I don't suppose the alien Millipedes or Eye-liner Burnham will want to get down and dirty, but Ed (or his evil twin brother) might decide that this calls for retaliation.

So it might get a bit more interesting.

The Penguin


Old Seatonian said...

Its amazing - David Cameron (Conservative) is worrying about which state school to send his children to, like many parents.

Dianne Abbot (Labour), does not have to worry about state schools as she sends her children to private school, which is what well off parents do.

So all the working class deride Cameron as he is trying to do something to sort out the education system - not that I am convinced with the ideas.

However the working class support Abbott and her crew,who throw money at flagship school buildings they can open and get publicity ignoring those who really need the money for repairs.

The reality was Labour were driving down educational standards to ensure they generate a new generation of kids who can not get jobs, end up in low paid jobs, and get frustrated why they have 10 grdae A A levels and end up flipping burgers. So they will become a down troden underclass who will vote Labour.

And the next generation of Labour elite will miss all of that - they will be at a private school !!!!!!!!!!

bloody good hiding for Abbot said...

I wonder if Ed will mention Abbot's former friend and mentor Bernie Grant who said the police got 'a bloody good hiding ' at the Broadwater Farm riots. This was after a policeman was almost decapitated by West Indian rioters.

Captain Haddock said...

"And, as for that Andrew Neil .. well" ....

Anonymous said...

I'm just an ordinary Joe and expecting me to vote for a party with someone like Abbot as leader is like asking me to vote for the taliban. Not because of her racial background, but because of her hypocrisy and past association.

Whitey. said...

She REALLY is a monkey in a dress.

Princess Liar said...

She looks like a copy of Jabba The Hutt, . . . made out of shit

Leg-iron said...

She looks as though she's about to demonstrate the double simultaneous nose-pick.

The Gorgon only managed a one-handed attempt. Think how much more efficient she'd be as prime monster if she could clear both those caverns at the same time!

I don't think her fingers are big enough though. She'd need to wrap tape around them.