Monday 19 July 2010

Arrogant Little Shit

The Next Heir To The Throne - and some Ginger Bloke

Poor old Brenda must despair at the way her genes have been watered down and dissipated by mixing them with the patently inferior genes of Phil The Greek.

Then add in the barking mad Spencer genes, and it is hardly surprising that the next generation seem incapable of knowing how to behave properly. Not content with helping himself to a Chinook to fly to some party or other, "Prince" William has landed the ratepayers of North Wales with an unnececessary and unwelcome bill of £4.2 million for additional protection because he wants more privacy than living with the rest of the RAF personnel would allow him.


The Penguin


For King Deadly said...

it's not Harry Wales it's Harry Hewitt......let his dad pay for him, the ginger turd. As for Will I don't see why we have to pay £1.5million so he can give Kate one up trap two. Let his family pay for their shagging.

His Royal Arseholeness said...

Does she take it in the wrong 'un, King Deadly? Bless her and all who ride in her.

Captain haddock said...

I fail to see why William is even being given the option of being an "out-lyer" ..

When his Uncle Andrew was undergoing rotary-wing flying training at RNAS Yeovilton, he was made to live in the Wardroom, along with all the other officers ..

And the Islamic threat hadn't even reared its ugly head at that stage in history ...

Old Seatonian said...

William took a Commission which is built on the basis 'Serve to Lead'.

In these difficult times he should lead, take the most cost effective option,move back to the Mess, and find somewhere else to roger Kate. Back of the NAAFI ?

Must admit Harry is a bit of a genetic retard.

Anonymous said...

they're both cunts and benefit cheats