Saturday 23 October 2010

Recovering The Proceeds Of Crime

On Thursday, Lady Uddin was suspended from the Lords for a year and a half, and ordered to repay £125,349.10 in wrongly claimed overnight allowances after being found to have deliberately cheated the taxpayer-funded expenses system.

Lady Uddin has said that she does not have the money to repay the £125,000 she illegitimately claimed.

So what can be done to get the thieving cunt to cough up?

Surely confiscation of property is not beyond the wit of the Treasury Lawyers? And while it may take a few months, have the noble peeress in stocks outside the House of Lords and make a few quid selling tomatoes and eggs to throw at her. Then deport the thief.

The Penguin


Sue said...

She has a marble mansion in Bangladesh, I remember seeing it in the MSM at the time this all started to happen.

If I were found to be stealing from my employers, surely I would get more than an 18 month suspension?

I'd get sacked.. they all need to be stripped of their titles and citizenship and dumped back in their own little shitholes in the world, wherever they came from!

They have taken advantage of us.

Oldrightie said...

The cost of "She has a marble mansion in Bangladesh" was exactly £125,349.10!

gildas said...

Reasonably simple. Charging order on her main property.

microdave said...

She could always take out a loan to cover "what she hasn't got", and then be faced with finding the interest payments.

Just like her fucking government has done to us....

mungle said...

She probably wonders what all the fuss is about and thinks to herself-"doesn't everybody take advantage when they are in a position of trust, they do where I come from".

Anonymous said...

The new mosque controlled mayor of banglatown aka Tower Hamlets will sort it all out for her. I bet the Krays would be spinning if they could see what has become of their old manor. Only a few cock-a-nees left, the rest filled up with little bearded monkey men in hats

banned said...

The fact that the three Lords under investigation proves that the House of Lords is "waaaacist" or so they claim, but then they would, wouldn't they?

Mad Mick said...

What keeps me hot is wondering what these foreign black sh*t's have contributed - more than an a British native black or white who's remained loyal to our monarchy, kept the law and paid all taxes and dues over a working lifetime - worthy of them being elevated to astronomical heights with all the perks and privilges, over Joe citizen.

If the like of Sir Christopher Meyer who represented Britain in Washington and now writes for the Daily Mail were to tell the powers that be to stick their "preferrments" where the sun doesn't shine leaving shysters fully exposed then maybe we'd get somewhere. But of course, like Uddin and the rest, it's f*ck the Country, I'm in it for me, me, me.

Captain Haddock said...

Deport the thieving bitch back to whichever shithole she came from ..

I don't care what colour she is .. she could be sky-blue pink, with yellow dots for all I care ..

She's still a liar & a thief & this country really doesn't need her ..

Atheist Ranter said...

@captain haddock

Here fucking here!

Just Woke Up said...

A Law for them and a Law for us.

Any decent person wouldn't have stolen/defrauded money from the taxpayer, and certainly wouldn't show her ugly fucking mug in public again in shame. I hope that when she gets back into the house of NuLabour peerages that she is booed and hissed whenever she offers an opinion on anything.

£125k. That's a lottery win for good folks!