Sunday 3 October 2010

An Inconvenient Truth

"The President's A N(drowned out by applause!)*"

Poor old carbon millionaire Al Gore is obviously having trouble with either his memory or reality.

It may well be an inconvenient truth in the run up to mid-term elections, but there's a Democrat President in the White House.

But poor old "Hanging Chads" Gore fails to mention that at a Democrat rally.

I wonder why?

The Penguin

*a la "Blazing Saddles"

1 comment:

Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur said...

Gore's always been a fraud - he's spent quite a lot of his time since discovering his AGW calling (obviously after he'd invented the internet!!!) flying back and forwards across the Atlantic giving expensive lectures to corporate beanos.

He's a turd alright and I bet he gets on well with Blair.