Friday 15 October 2010

Maybe It's Time To Emulate The Chinese?

There's a lot I admire about the Chinese, as well as a lot I completely hate and abhor.

But you have to give them credit for not fucking about over persistent criminal scum. They even send the family a bill for the bullet.

Save a fucking fortune if we were to emulate them, and there's only one way that the crime statistics would go.

It would also ensure that serial offending scum don't do on to kill innocent people.

Sadly the fucking do-gooders and bleeding hearts will continue to ensure that the cunts get away with murder and the victims continue to pay and pay and pay.

The Penguin


microdave said...

And we could also stick 2 fingers up to the EU meddlers, and build some new power stations, while we're at it.

Bullet for Chris Huhne, anyone?

Captain Haddock said...

And if the "State" baulks at spending money on a round/rounds of ammunition ..

I'll personally, willingly pay for it/them out of my pension ..

There .. You have no excuse now ..

"Target to your front .. Watch and shoot" ! ...