Friday 8 October 2010

Red Ed Is Having A Laugh

"But, Shadow Justice Minister, There Seems To Be Some Problem With Your Expenses - Again!"

Fuck me, you couldn't have made it up and have been believed. However, Red Ed seems to have done his best to emasculate his colleagues in the Shadow Cabinet and ensure that there is no-one with any chance of supplanting him.

It's the only possible explanation for appointing Postman Pat as Shadow Chancellor - a bloke who is as brilliant an economist as Ken Dodd. I should think Boy George will be breaking open the bubbly.

Then there's the amusing appointment of that greasy little crook Sadiq Khan as Shadow Justice Minister.

What a fucking shower of shite.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

I recall that Ken Dodd was rather good at accounts.

Cynical Bloke said...

Guido has a good summary of the charge sheet against the slimy cunt.

Anonymous said...


Cash accounting

Anonymous said...

I can't work out why the MSM are all over the announcement like a rash about the shower of fucking shit that Liebore have replaced the previous fucking shower of shit with.

Am I missing something?

Does anyone that you know (normal people) give a toss?

Maybe there aren't enough normal people. (Don't worry rhetorical, I know the answer)

Lady Virginia Droit de seigneur said...

"greasy little crook"

Sums him up perfectly

Dioclese said...

Seems I hit the nail right on the head then with

This word verification thing is wierd = befarces. How apt!

SadButMadLad said...

You forgot Baroness Scotland as shadow Attorney General. Another cheater, fiddler, and general criminal.