Monday 18 October 2010

Letting The Cat Out Of The Bag, Big Time!

Frau Merkel has been jolted into publicly stating the bleeding obvious.

This will rattle some cages.

The Penguin


Gareth said...

The key question for the public to demand an answer to is: Why did the German state (and ours likewise) set out to change their society is such a way in the first place?

Merkin has admitted what Andrew Neather admitted in the Independent - that the State attempted to remodel the makeup of the people for their own benefit. People will concentrate on the 'immigrants must integrate' side of it when the dangerous and questionable part is why States did it and why it is in the nature of States to fail at such things.

The German people should not let Merkin off lightly for this admission of gross ethnic engineering but they will. Just as British voters let Labour off lightly.

Oldrightie said...

So far, Gareth.

Gareth said...

A correction: Neather wrote his piece for the Evening Standard.

I'm not sure you could have a more colonial, patronising view of immigrants than the one Neather espouses.

Anonymous said...

Same old same old,divide and rule.major distraction coming shortly,watch out Alky Ada's about.

bofl said...

who would have thought?

alien cultures all rammed in together not resulting in the new summer of love?

i guess learned historians such as grdnon brwon and the like missed the crusades?

labour actually admitted that they let immigration run riot 'to rub the rights' noses in it'?

how come they are not on trial?
surely that must be a treasonable offence?

oh i forgot........con/lib/lab/plod/= all the same.