Wednesday 27 October 2010

Police Farce - Number 149

Christ On A Bike! No wonder Inspector Knacker has trouble generating any respect from or support from Joe and Mrs Joe Public.

Don't hold your breath waiting for disciplinary action to happen.

The Penguin


Captain Haddock said...

So this situation was all brought about by a complaint from an Ex Superintendent ?

Ex as in used to be, was, is no longer etc ..

It generated a response from 3 officers, led by an Inspector ..

When did you last read or hear of such a response to a Burglary, or Assault, or to yobs running riot in an evening ?

Wonder which Lodge he belongs to .. eh ???

Catosays said...

What a shame that the retired Super didn't have to pay some costs too.

The breath-taking cuntitude of these guys has to be seen to be believed.

Joe Public said...

Oi. Leave my wife out of this!

Anyway, don't you realise it was a scam to get more pay. The 'arrested offender' was a serving officer with Lancashire Constabulary Traffic Division who got £5k from an out-of-court settlement!

Caratacus said...

CH - on the right track there.

What a man chooses to do in a darkened room with a goat and one trouser leg rolled up is normally his affair and it is not for us to pry, but in this instance the daft pair of bollocks have made the police even more a source of ridicule than they already were.

The Englishman said...

The video is on youtube - wou will notice that the ex-super drives a Dodge Ram - no wonder he has to drive over the curb with such a large penis substitute.

banned said...

Why do coppers have such big fuck off private cars? The retired inspectors one is a big fuck off one too, picture in the Telegraph.