Wednesday 6 October 2010

And So It Came To Pass

Promoted For Being Incompetent

'Silver Commander' Superintendent Michael Wise was supposedly in charge at the drunken barrister siege and killing. The coroner has provided the jury at the inquest with a damning list of things that the Commander knew fuck all about, including being unaware who was doing what or who the chain of command was. Pretty basic, you'd have thought.

Still this is the Police Farce who shoots electricians on the Tube and then claims they were dangerous terrorists.

So, as predicted Superintendent Wise (fucking ironic name!) has duly been promoted. Lucky Islington to have such a top chap in charge.

The Penguin

Oddly enough there's no mention of his high profile role in the death of Mark Saunders on the Met's profile of newly promoted Borough Commander Wise.


Oldrightie said...

Sad this coalition is just so the fucking same, Penny.

Catosays said...

Makes me wonder if this twat knew that Ali Dizaei , a Gold Commander, was actually at the scene.

As a Gold Commander, Dizaei's role should have been to sit well away from the scene assessing and evaluating the information which was coming in and passing requirements down the line to the Silver above named twat.

Captain Haddock said...

Hi-Ho fucking Silver ...

Anonymous said...

The Gold, Silver & Bronze system of command has clearly failed in many instances, De Menzes, Moat and Saunders are the most high profile to date. Saying that Moat and Saunders despite their class differences were drugged/drunken/mentally ill people armed and in Saunders case shooting regularly towards the police and the public; Moat had killed and seriously wounded others especially the unfortunate officer blinded after getting a shotgun blast to the face.
There's something clearly wrong when fast moving scenarios like these are subject to intervention by so many people and interests coupled with reluctance to act because of the fear of prosecution/complaints - i.e. arse covering takes over above operational necessity.
Added to poor old Mr Wise's problems was the fact that the most corrupt police officer for decades, the race-monger and uber-cunt Ali Dizaei was the man who set the strategy or GOLD. This was a man who, despite attending and passing (thanks to the constant threat of his race cards) numerous command courses at the Police brainwashing factory at Bramshill, had no more idea of policing at any level than a Somalian pirate. The man was and remains, a cunt. I've not heard any decision from the MPA regarding his police pension. Probably he'll ge to keep his whilst many other officers and staff are going to take a hit on theirs. Like Cressida Dick, to promote Mr Wise was a poor judgement call, no matter he was a like a small ship getting a battering on the high seas in a force 10 gale, there can be no real control under the present system.
The MET is rudderless, Stepehenson is playing a Where's Waldo game it seems, he occasionally pops up and says something dull, his second in command's most recent decision in these desperate times was to decree that officers have to wear ties/cravats with short sleeve shirts. Mind boggles!

Fascist Hippy said...

They will get their promotion via an X factor style TV programme before long, useless wankers.

Its more important that your on message than competent said...

The Presence of that incompetent liar and corrupt crook Dizaei should not be underestimated in this whole affair. If it wasn't for CCTV he would still be in the force and probably sitting pretty for the highest Rank sooner rather than later.
The morons who promoted him time and again should be retired from the force as they are clearly idiots.