Monday 26 December 2011

Time To Apologise, Tam Dalyell

At last the proof is out in the open, that the sinking of the Belgrano was perfectly valid and justified as it was obeying Agentinian orders to proceed into the exclusion zone, not sailing for port as some have erroneously claimed.

High time that sanctimonious and hypocritical Scottish windbag and expense trougher "Tam Dalyell" made a very humble apology to Margaret Thatcher.

Fat chance, of course, these champagne socialists are incapable of admitting they were wrong, and the Scottish variety are the very worst sort.

The Penguin

PS Actually Sir Thomas Dalyell Loch, 11th Baronet


Joe Public said...

Thank you for reminding your readers of his prime "attributes".

Barnacle Bill said...

As you so pertinently point out the Scottish element of the nuLabor Mafia are the worst serial offenders/troughers.

Umbongo said...

Who cares which direction the Belgrano was going? It's possible - I'm reliably informed by sea-going veterans - to turn a ship round under its own steam without having to return to harbour and be winched in a different direction. Moreover, we were fighting a war. The Belgrano was a warship of the enemy power. F**k me: we had a perfect right to sink the Belgrano had it been at anchor at Buenos Aires let alone within striking distance of British territory.

Hacked Off said...

Absolutely agree - I'd have even liked the Vulcan to flatten the president's palace and downtown Buenos Aires rather that make holes in the airstrip at Port Stanley. Take the message to the cunts responsible, notthe poor bloody conscripts.

However, the Scots Gobshite banged on for years about where the bastard Belgrano was headed, and he should fucking well apologise.

Mr Ambassador said...

The exclusion zone was in any case a mimimum condition for the Argentinians and just like you say Umbongo, in war any enemy ship, anywhere is a valid target to be attacked.

The only claim the Argentinians have on that island is its proximity to their country. On the same grounds, we could claim France or Belgium.

Oldrightie said...

Mr Ambassador said...On the same grounds, we could claim France or Belgium.

We wouldn't want to, though, would we!

Mr Ambassador said...

Well, the French could teach us how to cook, Righty.

Seaman Staines said...

I remember at the time that the 200 mile exclusion zone was put in place to avoid escalating the war to neighbouring countries and to give the Argies a cooling off area. Do all the posturing with their Belgrano etc that they wanted but as soon as they overstepped the line they were seen as an easy target for our subs and would be sunk immediately.
I agree though. If it's war it's war and no area should be off limits. The next war will be over far quicker with hits on their shore based ships and warnings of total infrastructure destruction a la iraq etc if they fail to back down immediately. We don't have the transport to get enough troops down there to stop any invasion so it would have to be a quick assault against them before invasion looks likely.

Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur said...

Dalyell is a classic left wing hypocritical cnut of the highest order.

He's an Old Etonian for fuck's sake. He also claimed £18k for three bookcases just before leaving the HoC.

A major league twat.

Anonymous said...

How can this one time super rich socialist MP feel the poverty of the low-income arse he can. If he does not do so willingly, it is time he was dragged from his castle and made to apologise for his deliberate campaign to denigrate both Maggie and the Navy who knew the ship was a threat and a danger to UK forces and had to be sunk because they were up close and personal at the time. This windbag was nowhere near the centre of that power at the time and was just postulating his left wing snidey tripe form the sidelines. Maybe this arse would have only been happy if UK sailors and soldiers were floating in the sea rather than the aggressors and the Falklands were now under the rule of a dictatorial junta.
Even the Capt Bonzo of The Belgrano said that he was going to attack the supply convoy on its way to supply the troops and then bombard the landing areas.
He is just another left wing super rich hypocritical windbag who lives in the lap of luxurious surroundings whilst he wasted his career pretending to be a champion for the poor.