Saturday 10 December 2011

Another Incompetent Turd Keeps Floating To The Top

Christ On A Bike, just how do these fuckwits keep a job, let alone keep getting promoted?

Dave "Free Lunches" Hartnet gets to retire with millions of pounds worth of pension and perks rather than being sacked for gross incompetence and taking too many "free" lunches and dinners with folk who don't pay nearly enough tax, and is being replaced with the serially fucking useless Lin Homer, who presided over the Birmingham ballot-rigging and the UK Borders Agency fiascos.

Surely there has to be someone marginally capable they could promote instead of this twat?

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...

"Surely there has to be someone marginally capable they could promote instead of this twat?"

It would seem not, Penny.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that when a banking trader 'loses' hundreds of millions by his incompetence, he ends up in court being prosecuted and jailed.

But when the top-dog of HMRC does exactly the same, he gets to retire on his generous pension with no penalty at all.

I thought we were all in this together !

Dave said...

It seems to be like an immutable law of physics that when you reach a certain level, no matter how much you foul up you are qualified to move into luxurious retirement or move into the next high paying, perk laden job?

At this level reward is divorced from performance.

Dave said...

PS. We have politicians who headed up the last disastrous government shouting the odds as if the structural deficit and mass immigration experiment were nothing to do with them.

The arsonists shouting abuse at the fire fighters.

Get Smart said...

They are trying to sack the person who whistle blew exposing this turd.

Anonymous said...

Got to give Justine Greening a point for so swiftly getting rid of Lin Homer from Transport.

But they're running out of places to hide this disgraceful Homer woman - how about Ambassadress to Afghanistan the day before the Americans leave ?

Anonymous said...

Off Subject; Recent posting on
John Yates ex-of the Yard

"What A Brilliant Choice!"

Take a read of this:

Helpful serf said...

Anon 17.09:

For your info, the head of an embassy is always called the "Ambassador" irrespective of gender. The Ambassador's wife is the "Ambassadress". Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

I remember Homer from her Herts County Council days .... funny how shit finds its way to the top

Anonymous said...

Looks like were living in a sewer then?