Friday 16 December 2011

Awww, The Poor Trough Pig Is "Unfit" To Plead

Doesn't it just wrench at your heart-strings to see how poor little trough-pig Margaret Moron has let herself go since the expenses scandal?

I mean, I don't think she was that fit in the first place, personally, but she's definitely on the untouchable list now.

The Penguin


Barman said...

Fucking bitch!

I predict a miraculous recovery once the case is dropped...

And no return of the stolen cash of course.

Maverick said...

If she gets away with this the law really is an ass !!

She should be locked in a secure "psychiatric ward" until she is well enough to plead and her life is not "threatened"

Disenfranchised of Buckingham said...

So she was fit enough to be an MP but not fit enough to stand trial.

Hanging is too good for her. Send her to Iran for stoning.

Hacked Off said...

What would you give as odds for an Ernest Saunders style miracle recovery?

Anonymous said...

If she's not fit enough to plead, then she's not fit enough to manage her finances, so I hereby offer to manage them on her behalf.

Should she make a remarkable recovery, she should not be surprised to find that all her assets (well, ours really) had been liquidated and eradicated, to be replaced by debts the size of which would embarrass even the Greek governmnet.

Captain Haddock said...

Send her to Holloway .. and let the Dykes fuck some sense into the thieving, lying bitch ..

happyuk said...

"psychiatric experts" HAHAHAHA!

Gullible, over-educated twats unable to see through her song and dance more like. As an army psychiatrist once told me there is a fine line between genuine sickness and malingering.

Seriously, if anyone went into a bank or a business and made off with 80 grand they would a stiff sentence if caught.

Why then, is this anything remotely different?