Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Myner's Goose Well Cooked

What a tragedy for My Lord Myners, to fall so spectacularly from grace so fucking quickly after his elevation to the peerage so he could serve in Gordon's Government of the Talent Free.

Seems he was told all about Fred the Shred's very generous pension, and didn't do anything about it. Except lie to the Parliamentary Committee when the shit hit the fan, in an absurd attempt to blame anyone but himself for being a cunt.

Stupid thing is, anyone looking at the published glossy RBS plc accounts for 2007 could have found out exactly what Sir Fred Goodwin's pension entitlement was. Information widely available in the public domain.

Let's hope that he has the decency to resign and fuck off and never ever pollute our oxygen supply again.

The Penguin

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