Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Let Them Eat Of The Prawns Of The Sea

Gone But Not Entirely!

Can't see what all the muslims are getting fussed over!

Dumping Osama into the briny Arabian Sea should be perfect for them. No costly shrine to build, maintain, secure, adminster - instead they can all share in the prawn curry.

The Penguin


Angry Exile said...

There's a fucked up version of transubstantiation right there, but are they allowed to eat prawns? I have a feeling they're not 'permissible'.

Brew Wales said...
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Brew Wales said...

Being buried at sea I wonder if he got his 72 sturgeons?

Oldrightie said...

Isn't it the other side of the Middle Eastern equation that don't do crustaceans? They may do now!
As for the sturgeon, excellent. Of course, in reality, they're all out of the back of Del's Reliant Robin.

Captain Haddock said...

Two Sharks were swimming in the Arabian Sea .. one says to the other ..

"Christ, but I've got bad guts today" .. to which his mate replies ..

"Serves you right, you greedy bastard .. Must be that US Navy donated, Meal-Ready-to-Eat , you troughed down, all by yourself, last night" .. ;)

Hacked Off said...

Looked it up on wikipedia, prawns were not mentioned as being forbidden.

Mind you, a dodgy prawn can really make you ill, so ideal in my humble opinion, especially in warm climates...

ancient mariner said...

He'll probably wash up in Haifa harbour next Thursday.

Captain Haddock said...

@ The Penguin ..

A couple of prawns, minus shell, inserted into the turn-ups of someone's curtains .. or accidentally dropped down back of someone's 3 piece suite .. don't half make the place stink .. and the origin of the stench is often difficult to detect ..

Not that I have, or would resort to such methods of revenge .. just saying ..

Anonymous said...

@Captain Haddock

Prawns in the sofa also help if you stay in a hotel with a Nazi non-smoking policy (e.g. we'll fine you £200 if you smoke in the room).

Knowing that OBL might eventually be a part of that gives me a semi.

Empty head said...

Captain: I once inadvertently left a bag of prawns, newly bought from the fishmonger, in the back of my car over a weekend. There was a lot of shopping falling about in the boot and the small black plastic bag containing the prawns had slipped down into the well at the side of the boot where the emergency triangle was housed and got missed when the boot was emptied.

Come Monday morning, and not having used the car on the Sunday, the stench was awful. A quick search revealed the culprits but it took six months to get rid of the stink completely despite using all manner of cleaning systems/products, including a professional garage steam clean, trying to remove it.

Thoroughly recommended for somebody you love to hate!!

Anonymous said...

you do know, of course, that Obama Bin Liner died many years ago and that the recent Boys Own, Comic Book Hero style attack into a rich suburban part of Pakistan by the shit USA bad boys was all a rous don't you?

The reason Pakistan didn't know anything and why the fuckwit Yanks are pressing the point is that Obama wasn't there in the first place. That's why there's no body despite the Yanks having cameras on their hats - we won't get to see the footage because it was all a big CON.

So, no prawns for you

You're very naughty