Friday 17 December 2010

Greatest Actress My Arse!

That's Probably Illegal, Muffin The Mule In Public.

How on earth can a bunch of up-their-own-fundament lovies have decided that Judi Dench is the greatest ever actress?

She looks like a pug with a bad haircut and you never think of her as anything other than "Judi Dench playing so-and-so".

The Penguin


Angry Exile said...

Who's going to tell James Bond that M wants him to put his Pall Mall out?

Ed P said...

She does "tearful" well, but that's about it. Calling her the greatest living actress is an insult to at least five others, all who have broader and deeper range.

Captain Haddock said...

Crappy Actress with best Publicist more like ..

Hacked Off said...

She has a certain contraceptive quality.

Anonymous said...

i remmember that boring bollocks as a kid with micheal elfick !
Remember bob hoskins for reading and writing people ?ON THE MOVE
and when you see them later in life and the media fiasco i think fuck the fuck off !
even kevin whatley of aufwiedersehen should die a painful death
shitty fucking actors

Just Woke Up said...

Loved her work in Aliens.