Thursday 29 March 2012

Yet Another Rat Dives Overboard

Supposed to be a picture but I can't get the cunting thing to load...

How come plod can simply "retire" when faced with disciplinary proceedings and thus escape to draw their gold-plated tax-payer-funded fucking pensions?

Dick Head Federico, the tosser in charge of cock-sucking Rupert Murdoch and his minions at the Met has been on well-paid fucking holiday since last August while the fuckwits faffed about deciding whether is conduct was sufficiently bad to require them to do anything. As soon as they agreed to open disciplinary proceedings, he ducks into retirement...

Next thing the cunt will pop up as a consultant for ACPO.

The Penguin


jaded said...

Dear Mr Penguin,a slight error.This chap was not a plod,he is/was a civilian member of staff.
Policemen like me get enough stick without taking it on the chin for others!

PS one more point re the "gold-plated" pension-a Daily Mail favourite quote.I pay more into my pension pot as a percentage than any other public sector worker.

Ciaran Rehill said...

I wish I had a pension.... to be honest I wish I had a life, a job, or even a ray of hope that I might one day get out of this filthy, flea-pit of a DSS bedsit that smells vaguely of biscuits and sweating pork....

NewsboyCap said...

Dear Mr. Jaded, a slight error.

You don't and never will pay into your pension, as long as you remain a public servant.
The 'Private' sector alone pays your wages through taxation, your pension through taxation and any other direct tax you think you pay,including national insurance.
Then private sector taxpayers have to pay for their own pension schemes plus the state pension 'NI' with not one penny contributed by public servants.

jaded said...

You say potato.....unfortunately if you work in the private sector (as I did before I joined the police,and will after as well)then you have to pay for essential services.Some more essential than others of course.

When I spend the money you have so kindly given me then that is taxed as well.

NewsboyCap said...


Essential Services? ACPO?, The Black Police Federation? The IPCC?,The MET PR committee?
Essential services, if I didn't laugh I would weep.

Sorry for the late reply.

jaded said...

I did say essential services.You have cleverly mentioned four groups that are a complete waste of time.I hope you don't think ordinary plod like me support any of the above do you?

Sorry for the early reply.