Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Cheer Up, Says Sir Mervyn King

Don't be downcast, it may be the worst depression since records began, and the whole world faces years of misery, but for Sir Mervyn King there are plenty of reasons to be cheerful.

For example, he's already got a knighthood and the promise of a fucking peerage (or he'll start digging up some of those bodies buried by the whitewash report into banking regulation).

Plus he's got a fucking brilliant book deal lined up.

And he's secretly on the books of the same agency who arrange Tony Bliar's after-dinner money-making speeches.

Then there's his copper-bottomed inflation-proof mega-pension, ( which he has arranged will be paid in gold rather than the rubbish sterling notes he's been busy printing for the proles. )

So cheer up, Merv's doing great.

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...

So are many of his mates.

tinks said...

Quite RP.

The unaccountable are more often than not untouchable, they may feign that that they care or are informed, but they don't give a stuff, nor do they need to...

Mervin had plenty of opportunity to challenge the government of they day when the unfunded binge began, but no he took the money, and titles.

People like Mervin are paid huge amounts of money to know and manage things. The only thing they manage successfully are their bank accounts - probably offshore.

Ancient +Tattered Airman said...

Sir Humphrey taught him well.

Captain Haddock said...

The fat cats just get fatter & fatter ..

microdave said...

"There are plenty of reasons to be cheerful."

Are there BOLLOCKS!!! Cunts like him make me livid. Fucking arrogant arsewipe...