Tuesday 21 June 2011

It's Not An Oversight, Or A Mistake, It's Called Theft!

Jumped up little pip-squeak Denis McShit is trying to wriggle out of yet more evidence of his over-enthusiasm for the trough.

Not content with taking the piss by charging £125,000 for the use of his garage as a constituency office, and having charged the maximum possible round sums for cleaning until the requirement for receipts saw a dramatic drop in dusting and polishing (£250 a month to £24, just below the threshold for receipts, nothing dodgy about that, really!), and having lots of translation done by his brother at our expense, the greedy shit-stain over-egged the total on his expenses claims by a nice round £250 month after fucking month and the numpties in the House of Commons fees office didn't check the arithmetic 14 times despite picking the error up on 3 occasions.

One mistake, possibly. 17 mistakes on the trot, unbelievable.

Then there's his side-line in flogging lap-tops...hope he's declared the profits on his tax returns.

The Penguin


John Page said...

Agreed. He wants us to help bail out Greece too.

GoodnightVienna said...

Makes you wonder what the voters in Rotherham have for brains. This man makes my stomach turn.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

I'd be in jail by now, if I did this.

Jim Miller said...

At least he had the brazen cheek to claim the exact £250 a month (above which receipts had to be shown). Wiggin claimed £240 a month - for Telephone, Council Tax, Utilities, Maintenance - for 23 months, presumably thinking the Fees Office would be foxed by the 10 quid gap. BTW Is this all a Ken Clarke scheme to keep down prison numbers?

Jim Miller said...

Come on you Greeks - democracy was yr idea. Give us a spark & we can burn the whole European pigsty down!

Anonymous said...

If I were related to Denis MacShane, I'd happily jump out of an aircraft and not deploy the parachute.

I hope the cunt cries himself to sleep every night. But he doesn't, I'll wager.

So proud of getting his greasy hands on all that money. Good old Labour. Parasite.

£250 a month just good enough to pick up after the lazy dog.

Anonymous said...

MacSHAME is top of the parliamentary list for investigation over his expenses. The but is that the police have expressed an interest and so nothing further will happen until the police bring charges or drop everything. Stalemate. This could go on, as it has already, for years.

It is to the credit of none of the establishment that this continues but he is, after all, one of them. Who knows whether this bastard will ever be tried for theft and corruption. Such is justice in this country. Third world service for a third world cun-try

Anonymous said...

Is he a shonker?

Jackie Thornhill said...

Intteresting thoughts