Tuesday 19 April 2011

Pathologist For Sale, Slightly Soiled

For Sale, or Hire, to the highest bidder, all offers considered, one dodgy pathologist with considerable track record, able to reach any conclusion that might be required to assist his client's best interests. Prepared to destroy evidence, change reports, lie under oath. Glowing references available from the Metropolitan Police.

Hopes to regain his accreditation in due course.

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...
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Oldrightie said...

Kettling and murder are cosy bedfellows for the Forces of The Establishment, once ours.

A Notherdoc said...

If his accreditation has been removed there is no need for him to remain in the country. Deport him back to Bombay or wherever he originates from the day the inquest is over.

Ciaran Uphill-Gardener said...

What a Paki cunt !

I fucking hate Pakis.

Anonymous said...

Back to minicabs then, I suppose.

Beats washing elephants.

Captain Haddock said...

I feel that I must disagree, most strenuously with the tenor of this entire post ..

It is transparently obvious, to anyone desirous of seeing the truth, that Dr Freddy Patel, is quite clearly, the finest Pathologist that money can buy .. ;)

Lorenzo said...

Has anyone organised the revolution yet, let me know when it is.

Anonymous said...

we all know that Ian Tomlinson killed himself by throwing himself to the ground and rolling about a lot for a few minutes.

the police, the pathologist and the CPS stich up of all time

and OUR MONEY pays their wages

the uk is in the shitter and all people can do is camp out overnight to watch a procession of dignitaries parade around a royal wedding