Thursday, 11 February 2010

How The Fuck Do NuLiebore Dare Criticise Lord Ashcroft?

A Smug Thieving Cunt

What is it with all the fuss other the tax status of Lord Ashcroft, who has not been caught fiddling his expenses claims and stealing from the taxpayer, unlike the "noble" Lord Paul, a major donor to NuLiebore?


The Penguin


Ron Broxted said...

Sturgeon faces resignation call

The Labour Party really does look after its core vote, doesn't it ?

Cate Munro said...

I don't know how they've got the gall to expect people to vote them in for another 5 years!

Anonymous said...

Oh, TTO, so naive.

The Labour party now have a mandate to hold a referendum on voting reform. There will be 4 forms on offer - first-past-the-post, Alternative Vote, Proportional Representation and Brownite "Democratic Republic of Scotland (inc. England and Wales)".

Estimates show that, of the 46 million registered voters, approximately 25 million will vote for fptp, some 15 million for AV, approximately 2500 for PR and over 30 million for the DRoS (some 98.75% are forecast to be postal votes).

Oldrightie said...

We all know anyone connected to Labour is perfect. Look at Fondlebum, rich beyond measure doing his lifetimes work from the tax payers coffers.

Anonymous said...

Ah but he's different - he's an ethnic so he can't do anything wrong.