Tuesday 29 December 2009

Hardly Worth A "Diplomatic Incident"

Any bleeding hearts daft enough to visit this site more than once should take note that this is yet another posting that they will not agree with.

There's a great many things that I dislike about the Chinese, but I couldn't give a flying fuck how many drug smugglers they choose to execute. I expect their body parts are put to a better use, as well.

And as for the claims that the dead drug smugglers was mentally ill, where's the fucking proof? Sounds to me
like the last desperate efforts of his family (who had hardly kept in touch with him, really) to excuse his criminality.

So why is that stupid twat Gordoom making waves? It's not like the Chinese are going to give a damn, we can't send a fucking gun boat now to insist we should be allowed to sell them opium. Things have changed - maybe someone should tell The Prime Mentalist?

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Immigrants come to Britain to share their unique abilities with us and enrich our culture. Didn't you hear the song this fellow wrote? It's tragic such a striking gift for music has been extinguished. We are all poorer as a result.

Oldrightie said...

"Things have changed - maybe someone should tell The Prime Mentalist?"

They do, on a regular basis and to the enrichment of Nokia.

Mike Spilligan said...

If he was so "mentally ill", why did his so-concerned family allow him to travel to such outlandish places? - and with what financial support?
Was he in gainful employment? I think I can guess the answer to that one.
Too many gaps in the story for me to even question the inevitable result.
And, by the way, he seemed to be "British" only by dint of being casually given British documentation.

microdave said...

"Immigrants come to Britain to share their unique abilities with us and enrich our culture."

Bollocks - Like the ones building mosques all over the place? That's not "enriching" OUR culture, it's destroying it, and replacing it with something alien.

And, as has been pointed out elsewhere, If his family were so concerned about his mental problems, why did they let him go to China on his own?

As for the government getting involved, they seem quite happy for another person with mental problems to be dragged of to the US, from where he won't return - except in a coffin.

Maybe the Chinese ways are objectionable to Western eyes, but "When in Rome, do as the Romans do".

Anonymous said...

A sad outcome for his family - but how did they lose touch with him & let him travel alone to China anyway? However, as far as a drug dealer being executed goes - well played the Chinese. A few drug dealer executions over here & we'd be a safer & saner country. As for Brown & Millipede's whinging about his 'mental problems' - what about Gary McKinnon's mental problems Gordon? Eh? Any sensible response? Thought not.

welet said...

I hope @ anon is being sarcastic. I can do without the unique ability to blow up underground trains, or the unique talent to peddle opiates. I can see the culture of stabbing and shooting and raping and robbing far enough. Adolph was a great painter in some eyes. What a shame his unique talent is snuffed out.

The drug dealer in question was killed by lethal injection. Irony clearly being not lost on the Chinese - he was supposed to be shot. Its a pity we couldn't outsource our drug policy to China. Best place for a drug dealer is hell.

Catosays said...

If you don't like China and Chinese laws then don't go there....simples.

Personally I think the Chinese (much as I dislike them) did the world a favour...one less drug dealer and one less loon.

SpiteK said...

Don't disagree with you at all. When in Rome, etc. They are being cunts for not allowing his body home though.

MSM wankers live in a fool's paradise said...

I couldn't help notice this drug courier (who is clearly Asian) was described firstly by ITN on their early evening news as a "Londoner" and then later in the same report they claimed he was the first "European" to be executed by the Chinese in 50 years. Bloody strange racial/geographical classification system these media wankers adhere to! I hope they'll one day wake up to the fact that they're not kidding anyone with their re-defining/re-branding obsession.

Anonymous said...

MSM. Yes, you're right No white person would ever suggle drugs.

Anonymous said...

SpiteK said...
Don't disagree with you at all. When in Rome, etc. They are being cunts for not allowing his body home though.

29 December 2009 18:40


Don't think there will be much of his body left now. Kidneys, lungs, corneas, etc. will have been sold off to the highest bidder.

Funny you never hear about communist China's massive organ trading racket in the MSM, isn't it?

Heck, China even has mobile 'death-wagons' where they can put you to death at the front of the lorry and a surgical team is waiting at the back to turn your body into sushi.


Dick the Prick said...

Anon 19.39 - the daft fuck would need a full refund if they harvested my liver or lungs.

Anonymous said...

The "handing his body to an Imam" has not featured widely in the reportage.

Captain Swing said...

For once Gordon Brown has done something useful.The second the cursed one started backing the scumbag we all knew his fate was sealed.
This is one area that we should be happy to outsource to China .
If the bloke was called Gary Smith the lefty racist cunts wouldnt have give a shit.

Anonymous said...

Capt Swing:
Absolutely correct.

Thanks to Gordon Brown's magic wand, our European Londoner friend was doomed.

You'd think that our PM might have something more important to worry about, like licking windows.

Get Smart said...

While Brown and his master in the EU criticise China it might come as a surprise that the EU have an footnote in the Lisbon Treaty that allows the death penalty in the EU. Not for murder or drug dealing but crimes against the EU State. "This is not in the treaty, but in a footnote, because with the European Union reform treaty, we accept also the European Union Charter, which says that there is no death penalty, and then it has a footnote, which says, "except in the case of war, riots, upheaval"—then the death penalty is possible"

Anonymous said...

"except in the case of war, riots, upheaval"—then the death penalty is possible"

Good news. That means we'll be all nice and legal to carry out summary lynchings of politicians and other traitors come the Revolution.

Joe Public said...

"Mentally ill drug smuggler" sounds like a modern-day Catch-22.

You can't be mental if you want to make a quick illegal buck (or Yuan).

At least the Chinese solution prevents repeat offenders, at minimal tax-payer cost.

they eat doggies don't they daddy? said...

quite right panting ringding, take no notice of these woolly whingers who labour to point out that akmal shaikh may well have been the unwitting victim of a wickedly concocted con...or those gullible gay do-gooders who claim that mr shaikh must have been an absolutely fucking grade-one cloud-brained cuckoo to attempt this stupid damn stunt in the first place, or indeed those high-headed conviction humanists who interminably assert that capital punishment is simply wrong - no ifs, no buts. yes, well spotted my good man, this wholly extraneous debate simply detracts attention from debate about the real crime being perpetrated day-in-day-out with absolute impunity across the entire cultural cataclysm of mainland china - namely, that cute 'n cuddly little canines are bred for constant cordon-bleu consumption in every corner cafe...disgusting, despicable, disgraceful...what can i say...my english sensibilities are utterly, irreparably and outrageously offended...let alone my poor innocent palate...and oh yes, there is something we civilized, yet so neutered, few can do, sir - we can immediately organize an unmitigated boycott of special-fried-rice orders in every chinese take-away the length and breadth of great britain...without any prospect of reprieve, ever. that'll show the barbaric beige bastards.

Ears Not Arms said...

this incident is all about the British invasion of China because, well ... err....because, that's why!!!

Hell, these Chinese ruin the climate change farce, then they execute a drug smuggler .... the UK government needs more wars and they've picked on China .... ooo 'eck ....next week it could be the Isle of Man FFS