Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Nothing To Do With The Vaccination?

How odd, an apparently perfectly healthy young girl is given a controversial vaccination designed to prevent cervicl cancer. And within a few minutes, shes dead.

Of course there's absolutely no connection, according to the authorities, who are keen to promote this vaccination, as it is making their friends in the drug companies a fortune, and may save a few bob for the NHS in not havingto treat cervical cancer. Of course, same result might be achieved by encouraging children not to shag around, but that would lessen NuLiebore's dependency culture and client state of single mothers and their feral offspring.

I trust the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry about as much as I trust the politicians.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

God knows whats in this vaccine s**t!
All kins of mad-cow this, pig shit that.

dodgy vaccines said...

They're now saying that the child had ' underlying medical conditions'.
Mmmm. I don't remember them warning children with underlying medical conditions not to take the vaccine as it might kill them. Fuckers.
I understand that the UK is the only country to go for the GSK vaccine ( glaxosmith ).I wouldn't let my child take any vaccine recommended by this government. Too many backhanders and cover ups in the drugs industry to trust any of the fuckers. Safer telling my kids not to fuck around or wear a condom if they do.

Anonymous said...

Millions of girls have had this vaccine. None of them died except this girl who had serious health problems. Calm down.

Anonymous said...

Just remember, unexplained deaths of young people do occasionally happen.

My healthy, sports-loving grandson died in his sleep aged 17.

It was "natural causes".

Unless you already know the results of the autopsy, I suggest you refrain from causing undue concern.

banned said...

Whilest not wishing to condone the " fuck me sensless 'till I breed " nilhilism so abundantly apparant within our dirty fucking slag community; I doubt whether even Peter Mandelsons' Government Of All The Perverts would have the audacity to just kill them off.
Perchance I am being naif ?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to hear more about this girl's underlying medical condition first and how the vaccine may have contributed to her death.
However, I still question the necessity for this vaccine under most cirmcumstances.

Hacked Off said...

Problem is, who trusts the post-mortem result?

There will be enormous pressure to find some other "cause of death".

Weekend Yachtsman said...
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Weekend Yachtsman said...

The great Dalrymple has spoken on this, and I'm afraid he's a bit more convicing.

She wasn't an "otherwise healthy" child, it turns out.

otoh I completely agree with your penultimate sentence.

Anonymous said...

Seems she did actually die from a massive tumour which had engulfed her heart and lungs. Not sure how this went undetected to the point that it was bad enough to kill her but there you go. According to her parents, she was devoutly religious and is "now with Jeses". Yeah, right.