Thursday 1 January 2009

An Utter Fuckwit Speaks, Nation Scratches Head

Ed Blinking Cunt Balls, currently Minister For Abusing Children, previously Chief Pole Sucker at The Treasury has declared that there has been something of a "bubble" in the housing market, but that it is not entirely clear what the genuine underlying value of property might be, because it is difficult to determine where in the cycle of boom and bust ( abolished by one G. McBroon, I believe) we currently are.

At least, I think that's what the knobhead said.

Of course, it was while he was kneeling under Gorgon's desk at the Treasury that the Snot Gobbler valiantly declared that he would not allow an unsustainable boom in house prices. And that he had done away with third world debt, lifted thirty million children out of poverty, given old age pensions thruppence a week more, built plenty more prisons, compensated the policyholders and shareholders in Equitable Life, improved the regulation of the financial services industry, eliminated inflation, cured Aids, made Mother Teresa immortal, and raised Diana from the dead.

The Penguin

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