Thursday, 25 February 2010

Weasel Words

"Economical With The Actuality!"

"Sir" Gusset O'Donnell has finally coughed up a form of words which he thinks cover the situation without either contradicting his previous weaselly statements or admitting that The Prime Mentalist is a lying cowardly bully as well as a bogey-eating one-eyed incompetent piss-stained Scotch cunt.

Only took him four attempts.

Hope Boy Dave "retires" the twat as soon as he gets through the door of number 10. Along with loads of other politicised wankers at the top of the civil service, like that cunt at the Home Office and pretty much EVERYCUNT at the MOD and "Justice". Ideally without their gold-plated fucking pensions!

The Penguin

1 comment:

Oldrightie said...

Given the time devoted to spreading his cheeks for Labour, he did well to find the time to have four attempts!