Friday, 19 February 2010

RSPCA - Time It Was Put Down

Sadly the RSPCA requires a lethal injection.

Once it was a fine animal, fit for purpose and with a moral imperative to help animals in need. But over the years it has become bloated, top-heavy, self-absorbed and full of righteous spleen and political meddling. It has even taken to going to the Courts in ever more ludicrous attempts to grasp more money from dead benefactors.

Please be warned - this animal should be terminated to save it doing any further damge to it's once fine reputation or to others.

The Penguin


Tweed said...

Docking puppies tails when dew claws are removed at 3 days is cruel. Slitting a sheep's throat whilst it is fully conscious to provide muslims with halal meat is not. Apparently. According to the dhimmi RSPCA cunts that is.

Captain Haddock said...

Bloody hell .. that looks like the outcome of a "love-child" as the result of a coupling between Cyril Smith & Jacqui Smith (body from the father .. boat race from the mother)..

I wouldn't piss on the RSPCA, having had personal experience of their lack of interest (unless it involved TV cameras & Rolf Harris) in animal welfare ..

Justice4animals said...

The RSPCA also cash in on Freedom Foods where some of the worst cruelty has been filmed by undercover teams.

Lets ask the RSPCA how many Welsh puppy farmers have been prosecuted since the implementation of the AWA. Again lots of undercover footage that clearly show appalling cruelty - clear section 9 offences.

Of course it's all about money - nice big back handers.

The RSPCA has long ceased to be an animal welfare charity. They use a few sob stories to plead with the public to 'give us your money' but looking after animals costs money. Heaven forbid that they would have to waste this money when they can feather their own nests. That pension fund needs topping up, those bonuses need paying and those shiny new company cars need to be paid for.

The public are waking up though!!

Queenie said...

Read the small print on their Home For Life scheme. Translated it means ''Leave us your money and if your pet is young, healthy, friendly and can make us a few more quid, we'll home it, anything else and we'll just take the money thanks''
Hypocritical politicians is what they are, using animals to get richer and making themselves more powerful by 'interviewing suspects' and issuing Police Cautions.
Time they were brought down with an almighty bang!

Anonymous said...

I was going to comment but I think Queenie has said everything I wanted to say - put all animal lovers out of their misery and send the RSPCA to the burning pit below