Thursday, 18 February 2010

Can't Risk Offending The Foreigners, Can We?

Can you image what would happen if you or I or any indiginous English person were to grind up God knows what, make it into pills, label it as a "Traditional English Medecine" and sell it willy-nilly to any stupid cretin mad enough to part with money for it and daft enough to keep coming back for more, to such an extent that the toxic crap in it caused them serious health issues, ruining their lives and costing the NHS fuck knows how much?

That's right, porridge time and the company of other criminals.

Bit different if you're fucking foreign though.

The Penguin


Furor Teutonicus said...

Thought it was called "Homeopathy"?

Except THEY have no dangerous shit in them at all. Well, someone may have walked past the lab, carrying dangerous shit, as they were being mixed. But that is about as close as they get to any "effective ingridients".

Uncle Marvo said...

If someone wants to eat/drink something that some quack has concocted that's their lookout.

The cure for any ailment is beer, fags and pea and ham soup.

The only side-effects are a hangover, a cough, and the ability to shit through a tea-strainer.

Doctors? Pah!

The Penguin said...

Homeopathy - brilliant marketing device for distilled water, fucking clever I'd say.

Doesn't even cure homeosexuals.