Thursday, 18 February 2010

Here's Some More Foreigners We Dare Not Offend!

"He's A Good Prince, He Wouldn't Dream Of Mistreating A Servant!"

What's the betting that the "Saudi Prince" whose servant managed to strangle himself because he was so upset at having been mugged will manage to fly first class back to Ryadh and the case will quiet be closed as there is insufficient evidence - other than the CCTV and the medical and forensic and circumstantial evidence, of course?

Bearing in mind that this is the country whose Criminal Justice System under the Chief Weasel Jack Straw is the envy of the free world and held up as an example to totalitarian regimes as a bloody good way to ensure that inconvenient bodies such as that of Doctor David Kelly don't cause trouble for the rich and powerful?

I think I'll waddle down to Ladbrokes and ask.

The Penguin


sheik yer boaby said...

I doubt if the government is bothered. A dead Saudi servant or a £100Bn ongoing defence project ? Hopefully it will all be squared away quickly. We don't sell much nowadays and it's hardly worth wrecking 40,000 jobs over is it ?
The prince probably had a few too many and thought he was back in Riyadh or somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time other countries treated Brits like that; now Brits have to get down and eat dirt for them... It's how the world goes.

Seriously, there must hae been thousands of deaths of black people for which whites were never charged dutring the colonial days.

We were rich and they were poor. They dared not offend us. Now they are richj and we are poor and we dare not offend them.

As sheik says, 40,000 jobs.... one life.... not too hard.

sheik yer boaby said...


Yes but standby for hypocritical bullshit about justice while behind the scenes our foreign office etc scramble to get this all squared away quietly. We need their money so will let them lock up our citizens on fake bombing charges or whatever. I'm not going to get excited if this is all covered up. At least it's one of their own they've murdered for a change. As long as jobs are safe and the contracts keep coming.

I am Stan said...

Detectives have been granted more time to question the suspect. As a minor royal he does not qualify for diplomatic immunity.

Perhaps you should wait and see Penguin.
But then of course you never pass up the oppertunity to slag off Jonny foreigner do you?

What is it?..did a darkie steal your girlfriend at the school disco!..what? :-)

The Penguin said...

"I am Stan" - are you some sort of rather piss poor joke anagram? I just can't be arsed.

And stick your racist accusations where the sun doesn't shine, becasue as far as I'm concerned we're all the same human race, even arseholes like you.

Anonymous said...

Sheik: True, absolutely spot on.... Mind you I wish they'd come and murder some of OUR own next Saturday night so the rest of us could get some bloody sleep....