Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Another "Special Relationship" With Uncle Sam

Just some jungle bunnies killing each other, none of our business.

Amid all the joyous left-wing do-gooder cock-sucking of Barak Obama just remember that our so called "Special Relationship" with America is founded upon little more than what temporarily suits Uncle Sam.

They only supplied us in World War Two for our gold reserves, then hard cash, and then lend-lease at usurous rates which ran up a debt it took 60 years to repay.

Our defence forces are short of kit in Iraq and Afghanistan but the Yanks could easily have provided fortheir "special allies". Like fuck they did.

And remember, when we are of no more use, don't expect much help.

The Penguin


lenko said...

For once I agree with you. As I've written before elsewhere, the only thing one can expect from the Americans is treachery and double-dealing. The special relationship is that of master and poodle.

America has given the world a lot to be thankful for. But their current culture is infected with American exceptionalism. They are beginning to believe that they ARE God.

You can tell them I said so...

The Penguin said...

What the fuck are you doing reading this garbage for if this is the first thing you've agreed with? Get a fucking life you twat, and tell the fucking Septics yourself, I'm not your fucking poodle, I'm a Penguin.

Joe Shmo said...

So the UK and the US arent mates because they expect us to pay back war time loans and they dont just give us free helicopters and tanks?

This isnt fucking Live Aid. Why the fuck should America kit us out just because out Mongloid politicians cant get their shit together.

They should bear the brunt of our anger, not the one country in the world that we have the most in common with.


The Penguin said...

Give it a fucking rest "GI" Joe, I'm not bitching about repayment, I'm pissed off about the looting of our gold reserves cos the Septics thought Sterling was going to be worthless, and THEN the imposition of outrageous interest rates to cover the risk involved in supporting the losers, which they could then have adjusted when the belatedly got involved but didn't, but hey, they were big investors in Germany too.

And I excuse the political arseholes NOTHING!