Monday, 8 February 2010

British Jobs For British Workers, Prime Mentalist?

The scale of Jonah McDoom's useless mendacity is staggering. His sound-bite "British Jobs For British Workers" is nearly as good as "No More Boom and Bust", as it is revealed that in the last 2 years 1.3 MILLION National Insurance numbers have been handed out to foreigners.

It's enough to make a glass eye weep.

The Penguin


Ron Broxted said...

Gordon Brown is a cunt. Fact.

Jayce Kay said...

No, he's half a cunt.
Whole cunts, when used correctly make people happy.

John Pickworth said...


It appears we imported 2 billion quids worth of foreign cars last year. Paid in part, thanks to Gordon's scrapage scheme. So that's another raft of non-brits employed courtesy of our taxes.

Nice one Gordon. Hate to think what mischief you'd have gotten us into if you hadn't been the best Chancellor this country has seen since 1739 (although I believe it could have been nearer half past five?).