Thursday, 18 February 2010

Local Authority Trough Pigs Running Scared!

A Local Government Spokespig Taking A Moment From The Trough

For year beyond my remembering company directors have had to declare how much they get paid. So have government ministers, althoughof course, their expenses have been rather less in the open until recently!

So why is it so unreasonable that the public (those few who could be arsed!) should not be allowed the same sort of insight into what those arseholes at their local councils whose remit extends so unrelentingly into so many aspects of their daily lives get paid out of their ever-increasing council-taxes?

Is it because they are ashamed?

Fuck all chance of that!!!

The Penguin


panavia999 said...

no no! Once again, you insult our versatile, entertaining, friendly and delicious friend, the pig, when you use a photo of a porker when posting about scumbag, trough swilling politicians. The comparison did not bother me until politicians became such super greedy partisans.
Speaking of scumbag, using a picture of a used condom would be incredibly bad tast, but sadly appropriate.

The Penguin said...

Yeah, I know it is unfair on pigs...