Friday, 19 February 2010

Spinning In Her Grave, While Gordon Spins In Downing Strasse

Jonah Lays A Bunch Of Onions On His Mother's Grave

Poor Mrs. Brown Senior (dec.)

She must be so desperately sickened and disappointed at how James Gordon Brown has turned out. A lying, cheating, psychopathic bully desperate for power but with no vision or ideas of what to do now he has browbeaten and schemed his way to the top.

Nice to see there's no grave Gordoom won't desecrate in his desperation. Thank God he's not prepared to use his family for political ends, or who knows what might happen.

Still, got to be thankful that he ended Boom and Bust or we might all be in the shit along with Jonny Foreigner!

The Penguin


Leg-iron said...

Is that Insch parish kirk?

Hell's bells, that's less than ten miles away! Better get into my Jonah-proof bunker.

microdave said...

LI, can't you get him with one of your lab cultures, next time he comes visiting?

Anonymous said...

Good god. Just how low can Mr My family are not props Brown go.

Will he sell Sarah's underwear on ebay?

Will he go on I'm celebrity? Nah, he's not a celebrity, is he? Still almost none of the rest were either.

Sickening revolting bottom feeding stuff.

Munguin said...

And did he do any more weeping? If he wants something to weep about how about the state of the economy?

Captain Haddock said...

If he comes anywhere within range of me .. I'll give the fucker summat to weep about ..

And he won't need bloody onions, trust me ..

Tory Totty Online said...

lol . . excellent

Anonymous said...

Not only a dead baby & a sick son but now a dead Mother too is to be added to the pyre in Jonah's desperate attempts to keep his job.

P.S. aren't they a plug ugly crew? Remind me now - one of them works for the French nuclear energy company - which is why Jonah wants the UK to go down the nuclear road - job for Brother 1. What's the other one do for a living? 100 - 1 it's something else that Jonah has lauded as 'the only way forward' for Britain.

Leg-iron said...

Microdave - those cultures only work on real people. He'd scare them away.