Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Michael Pownall, National Disgrace!

Michael Pownall is the 61st Clerk of the Parliaments. He took up office on 6 November 2007.

"I, Michael Graham Pownall, do declare that I will be true and faithful and troth I will bear to Our Sovereign Lady the Queen and to Her Heirs and Successors. I will nothing know that shall be prejudicial to Her Highness Her Crown Estate and Dignity Royal, but that I will resist it to my power and with all speed I will advertise Her Grace thereof, or at the least some of Her Counsel in such wise as the same may come to Her knowledge. I will also well and truly serve Her Highness in the Office of Clerk of Her Parliaments making true Entries and Records of the things done and passed in the same. I will keep secret all such matters as shall be treated in Her said Parliaments and not disclose the same before they shall be published, but to such as it ought to be disclosed unto, and generally I will well and truly do and execute all things belonging to me to be done appertaining to the Office of Clerk of the Parliaments".

Oddly, there's nothing in that to suggest that he should bend the fucking rules so as to let thieving cunts like Baroness Uddin and Lord Paul off the hook.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Any chance you could change the photograph on this post ?

I keep getting an uncontrollable urge to punch the fuck out of my computer monitor when I see that onion bahjee stinking, smug cunt's face !

WV: sycof - too fucking right !!!

Anonymous said...

And of course all the other ones.....

Road_Hog said...

I hate to point out the obvious, but if you look at the article, you will see Baroness Uddin is not one of the Peers that has had the investigation dropped. She is the Peer who has been referred for further scrutiny, so the investigation into her is ongoing.

The Penguin said...


Anonymous said...

Michael Pownall advises that Lord Colwyn rents a London home in order to perform his Parliamentray duties. I am sorry Mr Pownall although your facts are wrong. Lord Colwyn has lived at his Chelsea address for nearly 40 years in order that he could practice as a dentist at his lucrative Wimpole Street practice.
He only purchased his bolt hole in the Cotswolds relatively recently. Never mind eh ! - you found the reason you were desperately looking for to get him off the hook ! Shameful, although what we have come to expect.