Saturday, 27 February 2010

Let's Play Happy Families!!

"For Fuck's Fucking Sake, Shut The Fucking Fuck Up About Your Fucking Family!"

Remember that dour miserable incompetent disloyal Scotch Cunt with One Eye, Psychpathic Tendencies and a Broken Moral Compass who declared how he was far too principled to try and use his family for political advantage? Apart from mentioning his father giving it large at the pulpit or in the manse at every opportunity.

Recently we've had the unedifying spectacle of Mrs Sarah "The Beard" Brown introducing her "Super Hero" at conferences, wiping her eyes with an onion as The Prime Mentalist sobbed on Piers "The Traitor" Morgan's sad little chat show whilst he dwelt on the sadness of losing a baby and having a sickly child ( what was that story about turkey basters not being ideal for insemination?) , then it was trotting out his poor old mother, who could probably solve most of Fife's energy problems if they linked a dynamo to her corpse spinning away six feet under.
Now it's the fucking grandfather, scrimping and saving to get papa through University and into a cushy job with the Scotch Sky Pixie Consultants.

We can probably look forward to:

His aunt, who was on the game in order to pay for thermal underwear for Scotch ship-builders in the Govan. (All those ex-shipyard workers, and of course, the ladies of the night, they all have votes, you ken?)

His great uncle, who was descended from an escaped Jamaican slave (must try and get the black vote somehow!)

His second cousin twice removed who was Hitler's best friend ( must try and do down the BNP!)

Must be someone on some branch of the family tree who can claim to be related to Ghandi, just havn't found them yet....

And then of course, there's Sarah's back catalogue - I can hardly wait!!!

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Pity the old bastard didn't die before he passed on his seed - think of the trouble that would have saved the UK!

Oldrightie said...

Lied about his paternal granpappy too!

Anonymous said...

sickly child ( what was that story about turkey basters not being ideal for insemination?

That is a disgraceful thing to say. The contaminated Brownian seed, having come from generations above, manifests itself not only in Cyclopic megalomaniacs but deformed children. Why blame the turkey baster?

Moreover, Brown is the only cunt blind enough to want to shag his missus (with the exception of some squaddies, so I've heard).

like so many here I come from a family whose grandfather went without work
Lazy cunt

A grandfather whose small savings gave his son, my father, the chance of an education, the first in our family to go to university
You cunt. You brought in Uni fees (not in Scotland, mind). You monster.

I hope that in 25 years' time, no one can trace his bloodline to you.

If someone asks me about my antecedents, the first thing I mention is their war records. Not for this coward. The only war his family fought was class war - against people who actually do something.

Blood on the Andrex tomorrow morning.

(WV was spaco!)

オテモヤン said...


Blind Pugh said...

That was a useful contribution from オテモヤン.

As to the granpappy McBroon - pity he wasn't a jessie like his grandson, then the DNA chain would have stopped two generations ago.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant.... just brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Islamic radicals 'infiltrate' the Labour Party

What surprises me about this is that they felt the need to even bother infiltrating an organisation which is already so clearly supportive of their aims.

It just goes to show, doesn't it ?

Anonymous said...

Newsflash - McDoom is an opportunistic, mendacious, double-talking cunt ... oh, wait ....

In other news the photo is a dead cert for inclusion in the Up the Arse Corner - strangely wv is enias