Friday, 12 February 2010

More Shit From "Baroness" Scumland

Makes you so proud of our legal system when one of the judges gets something right.

Shame it doesn't happen very often, and a great shame that the full majesty of the law was not visited upon Baroness Scotland when she broke the law recently over her employment of an illegal alien.

Still, that's very NuLiebore for you.

The Penguin


microdave said...

They say you shouldn't judge a person by their appearance - I'm sorry I took one fleeting glimpse of Andrew Nelson and decided that he shouldn't be allowed to share the same planet as the rest of us.

The only possible reason for jailing Kenneth Blight would be for failing to finish off this revolting waste of DNA.

What a pity Nelson didn't attack the delightful Baroness instead.....

Anonymous said...

How very Neue Arbeit of Patricia Scotland - attacking a drug dealer is obviously not allowable. Pity Mr Blight didn't finish the job & relieve us of at least one piece of scum.

Ron Broxted said...

Man, dat is one ugly biatch. She look like dem pig-dogs me seen on da TV one time.

Booyakasha !


Leg-iron said...

So what happened to all this stuff from Strawman Jack about 'giving people the right to defend themselves'?

That's just been blown right out of the water by Goofy's attempts to punish someone for doing just that.

They can't even be consistently imbecilic.

Anonymous said...

Fucking "Baroness" - ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!
Muthafucka, that is one ugly beeeiiitchh!

Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur said...

Has she ever been to a dentist

Blind Pugh said...

The Cuntess probably broke all her yellowing fangs biting the gold dubloons she was lifting from the Public Trough. The mind boggles that trash like this achieves such high office. Bring back the guillotine I say.