Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Forget St. Albans, And Don't Bother Going There

Spot Charles Barker, The Jobsworth Tosser!

It may be historic and quaint, but it has been completely and utterly ruined by the wankers running the council.

Hence the banning of running in the pancake race due to concerns over "health and safety" because it was slightly damp underfoot.

Any one living there who has any remaining spark of gumption has only two options. Organise the immediate replacement of the council and a complete clear-out of the officials featherbedded there-in, or move to Olney in Buckinghamshire, where they can still run freely.

Fucking tossers.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Just as well the fucking Elfin Safety Brigade weren't around in 1940 - the 'little boats' of Dunkirk would have been cancelled.

Though would the UK have been any worse under Nazism than it is under the current pack of Commies masquerading under the banner of New Labour the Party of the Working Class (or, in the case of the majority of their supporters - the Non-Working Class)

Anonymous said...

Of course they toss pancakes how would you get the other side cooked? No need to call them fucking tossers in my view.

microdave said...

Why didn't one of them deliberately fall over whilst walking? Then the council twat could ban the event entirely....

More to the point, since he was loudly booed, why didn't they just carry on regardless. What's he going to do?

The Penguin said...

Whu didn't they tell him to fuck off or they'd introduce his clipboard up his rectum?

Atheist Ranter said...

Seriously though, what fucking 'authority' has this twat actually got? Why do 'we' do as we are told by these pointless fuckwits?

What could he do if, next time, he is told to sod off and mind his own business because this is a public street and we'll do what the fuck we want.

Someone please tell me, do they have the right to tell people what they can and can't do? More or less than the police can?

I really do want to be told not to do something by one of these cretins JUST so I can do it while I stare into his pointless face!

Elpmiself said...

Just how crap are the cooks in St Albans that people need to wear Hi Viz jackets, suprised he hasn't got a hart hat

Screech said...

Trying to stop people running? Is this so his futile little intellect can keep up with events? What a cunt, it's a disease i tells ya, a fucking disease.