Thursday, 3 September 2009

Gordon Brown, International Laughing Stock

"Guarantee? By NuLiebore? Not worth the paper it's written on!!"

Poor McCavity Brown, the Feartie "Saviour Of The World" must be the only politician in the world who doesn't realise what his cowardly and inept mishandling of the Magrahi fiasco has achieved.

I suspect he'll be less welcome when it comes to spending time amongst the great and the good in Martha's Graveyard - sorry, Vineyard! - in future.

Mind you, I'm told that Tripoli is nice and warm, so maybe that'll be some consolation if he needs a sunshine break from Kirkaldy.

The Penguin


Bugger Lugs said...

Please let it be a flight to Chappaquidiq; a rendition flight of sorts

Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown, full of words, with no real opinions.

Anonymous said...

I'll pay for his ticket myself.

Earthlet Nigel said...

Rather appropriate, Cut and paste the link

Blind Pugh said...

Will you stop mis-spelling my home town. It's Kirkcaldy for fuck's sake ya daft Sassenach cunt.