Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Time We Got Back To Basics!

Never mind bothering about re-homing the fucking old witch, just burn her.

I'm sure the ticket sales would more than cover the costs, and it'd be a Youtube hit and act as an incentive for ugly old women to fucking behave themselves.
The Penguin


Tony Blair said...

She sure runs a mean crack house though.
Her "raves" are far out man !!

Goodnight Vienna said...

Where will she go, who will look after her? Funny post though Pingu even though I don't agree with a word of it. Besides, she's wearing my jacket and I hope one day to have 2 offensive weapons like hers. They look just right for clouting penguins over the head.

microdave said...

She must be a friend of this "Old Dear"


Spotted at OH's place.