Tuesday, 22 September 2009

No Wonder You Can't Get A Copper To Attend A Crime!

Phone the plod and tell them your next door neighbour's house is being burgled. Fuck all will happen, guaranteed.

Phone the cunts 33 times and complain of being harrassed and attacked in your own home, they'll ignore you until you burn yourself to death in a car, then they'll manage to lose the paperwork and down-grade the complaints.

On the other hand, if you have a dispute with a builder over an unpaid bill for £15,000 and the builder turns up to take back some of the materials you have not paid for, then there'll be a helicopter and nine or ten police cars round within minutes. For a civil dispute.

Still, when the Chief Law Officer in the country ignores laws she's forced onto the statute books, and overclaims a few hundred thousand in expenses, AND KEEPS HER FUCKING JOB - what the fuck do you expect?

The Penguin

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