Thursday, 24 September 2009

When Will These Prats Ever Learn?

Fish Rot From The Head Down

The stupidity of "the great and good" seems to know no bounds.

A nasty case of bullying in a primary school was whitewashed by the head mistress, possibly because one of the little darlings perpetrating the bullying is the son of one of the school governors, possibly because the head mistress is inexperienced, doesn't really matter that much why.

Then the school dinner lady who interupted the bullying tells the parents of the victim what actually happened, as opposed to the "official version" the school came up with.

So what do the "authorities" do? Put in place better procedures and some advice for the head? Send in the local plod to give a talk on civic responsibilities and standards of behaviour? Write severe letters to the parents of the little scrotes? Obviously in this Alice-in-Wonderland society actually giving the little bastards the cane is no longer an option.

No, the school governors sack the dinner lady. She was not allowed legal representation, but the local authority sent along a legal team to hold the hands of the head mistress and her crew of tossers.

I do hope that those involved are enjoying the publicity, which I trust is not going to blow over too soon.

The cast:
Head Mistress - Deborah Crabb
Governor and Parent of Bully - Kathryn Spicer
Governor and Local Vicar (God Help Us!) - John Richardson
Cunt in Charge - Ed Balls
Victim - Chloe David
Dinner Lady - Carol Hill

The Penguin


Leg-iron said...

There has been a development.

One of the little thugs was a Governor's son.

Sounds just par for the course.

Anonymous said...

Utter bastards!

Atheist Ranter said...

Please someone (I wish I could) hang on to this and have a few cunts sacked. If this wasn't the truth it would be unbelievable. Those town hall job-for-lifers need to be displayed on some local lamp-posts or trees on the end of a rope.

It's so unfair it's nearly a joke...

Anonymous said...

This is not surprising now, this is rule by the left.

If you leave the left in control of anything they corrupt it.

The left never try to improve anything - they always have an agenda to twist and manipulate to force people against their will to fit in with the future that the left insists on.

David Davis (Libertarian Alliance) said...

They're not prats, they are very very clever, deeply motivated people, inspired by unfathomable evil and deliberate wickedness.

They are worthy enemies for us in the End Times.

The LA has written about this one I think yesterday:-

And to Marcellus: it's no use any more just sitting there weeping and saying (what is true that) the Left corrupt everything thyey control.

Of course they do!

It's their job!

They ARE the enemy!

Smite them. Are you going out to, or what?

Sorry guys.

Barking Spider said...

So, the Governor's son believes he can get away with blue murder and indeed most likely instigates the proceedings and the corrupt school establishment prove that he's right.