Monday, 28 September 2009

Balls Up!

"Ed! It's Sir Alex Ferguson on the phone for you!"

You have to admire Ed Balls. Not.

This cunt is waffling on about sacking 40,000 teaching assistants and cutting £2 BILLION from the Education budget - and presides over a completely gob-smacking waste of money to the tune of £3 MILLION tarting up his fucking offices.

Not only is he a useless twat, he's an expensive to run useless twat.
Sooner he and his ugly husband are gone the better.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Love the beer belly peeking (hanging out like a 9th month pregnancy) from under his footie jersey. Where did they manage to borrow one that (almost) fitted him. Fat twat!

I'd ride it said...

His husband Yvette looks quite tasty actually. Just seen her on telly at the conference talking about "these difficult times" Blinky is quite lucky to be pumping that every night.

hangemall said...

Separated at birth - Ed Balls and Alexei Sayle.

Sue said...

They just don't give a toss do they? They've not lost touch, they don't give a shit what we think.

No Chapel then for Christians?

Still squandering taxpayers money, the Labour Party, party of the people.. what a laugh!

banned said...

Yesterday Sunday Telegraph was doing Labours job for them promising us cuts in hospitals, surgery output and the like.
Not a mention of finding the cuts through sacking make-work managers and 5 Portions A Day Community Co-Ordinators.