Friday, 18 September 2009

Hmmmm, Getting Better And Better!!

"What Is All De Fuss About? De Laws Is For You Little Peeps!"

The Baroness Soctland Scandal is improving by the hour!

Sees that the Borders Agency were TWICE told she was an over-stayer but did fuck all about it. Didn't Charles "Buggerlugs" Clarke get the elbow over something similar?

Then of course there's that other serially-sacked minister and ex-Home Secretary David "Is That You, Darling?" Blunkett, who tried to speed up some immigration paperwork for some one he may or may not have been shagging. Difficult getting the guide-do to testify, you know! Does this set a precedent?

And then there's the illegal marriage which it turns out is legal thanks to the poorly drafted legislation (by NuLiebore, isn't that unusual?) to a fucking solicitor working in Immigration Law.

You couldn't make it up.

If they don't throw the book at the bitch, just think of all those appeals against the fines and convictions already on the books!!

The PEnguin


Henry North London said...

She should be roasted alive at the spit the hypocrite.

How she can say she didnt know is beyond stupidity.

Those who live by the sword die by the sword.

Umbongo said...

I think she'll get away with it. After all the errors in "good faith" let-out has worked for other, even more distinguished, legislators. For instance in the case of the "justice" secretary quoted here

Claim: The justice secretary [Jack Straw] over-claimed £1,500 on council tax on his second home. He made a claim for the full bill despite getting a 50% discount from the local authority for the property.

Response: A spokesman for Mr Straw said he acted within the rules. He spotted the mistaken council tax claim himself and repaid the money himself. Mr Straw later told the BBC: "I have acted in complete good faith and within the rules. It is an error, which obviously I wish hadn't happened, but in circumstances in which I was incredibly busy during that period - that is not an excuse, it is just an explanation."

Anonymous said...

The Red Rag nailed the bag, yesterday. If she gets away with this, Labour will pay an even heavier price than it imagines possible.

Even the tribal sheep are p*ssed off enough to watch this space.

Blind Pugh said...

Yet another symptom of their collective shamelessness. They honestly believe that residence in the Palace Of Westminster bestows on them super-powers that renders them invincible to public disgust and the laws of the land. Every one of the greedy cunts should be taken out, beheaded and their remains fed to pigs.

Anonymous said...

Is she an 'Auntie Tom'?

The cunt will walk. You used to have to win a significant battle to get into the HoL, now you just have to have the right hue.

I don't care if people aren't English-looking but these sorts of elevations tar everyone with the same brush.

All appointments from 1997 must be rescinded.

Anonymous said...

It will be worthwhile to sacrifice this woman in order to appease everyone. Not sure this government have the foresight to consider such a good move though.

I dont know why, but she has a face I could just slap!

Anonymous said...


With which part of your anatomy, dare I ask?