Sunday, 20 September 2009

Best Shut Up Now Vicar, Or I'll Have You Arrested!

What the fuck is this country coming too? The fucking plod are now arresting people for discussing their Christian beliefs if fucking muslims complain their feelings have been hurt. And then the stupid cunts in the CPS prosecute them.

Can you imagine the conversation down at the nick? "So, madam, you say that this couple dared to defend their rights to believe basic principles of the Christian faith, and that this caused you deep anguish as a Muslim? Well. perhaps you should fuck off and live in Saudi Arabia rather than here in a predominantly and traditionally Christian society? Now please get the fuck out of here before I arrest you for wasting police time!"

Well, that's how it should have gone.

The Penguin


Earthlet Nigel said...

Islam is not up for discussion, and why not, because like most religions it will not stand up. Rhetoric and catechism are only believed by the adherents

Any attempt to stifle debate will be made by these egregious cunts supported by the PC brigade.

When they enter this country they should be made to eat pork, drink ale, and swear allegiance to the Queen. And if not prepared to do this, straight back they go.

And make the cunts travel by boat, I seem to rememeber they don't like drowning, something to do with not being able to enter their whatever-happy-ever-after when soggy.

Anonymous said...

Economic incompetence and the credit crunch is really only a side story.

The real story is that the people with power over this country are deliberately trying to destroy our country, our society and our way of life.

And the ignorant going on watching EastEnders, while it all slips away.

There is not much time left.

microdave said...

Thank God (the Christian one) that Fawlty Towers was made many years ago. Can you imagine something like it being produced now?

Basil might have accused the Germans of having no sense of humour, but they're a laugh a minute compared to Muslims.....

WTF is going on?

captainff said...

Arrested for expressing their own opinion in their own home?

Jesus fucking christ (can I still say that?)

Chalcedon said...

What the fuck is going on in MY country? I'm sick and tired of this sort of nonsense. What has happened to free speech? Also Christianity, like Islam, is a prosletysing (spelling is shite) religion. You seek to convert people. If this twat doesn't like being exposed to Christianity in a Christian country with a Christian heritage going back 1500 years then they should fuck off out to a Muslim country. They won't of course because of the benefits of being here. FFS, It's lucky I'm not in charge. Lucky for these idiots anyway. There will eventually be such a backlash

Sue said...

We're obviously not even allowed an opinion now or sensible discussion if it's about fucking Islam.

I'm getting mightily sick of it all. I wish they would all fuck off if they're that unhappy and go and live in a country where everyone agrees with them!

Hairy Douglas said...

I can only assume the couple concerned have never read Nightjack's Survival Guide for Decent Folk, and decided to try to explain themselves. There are three salutory lessons here. 1) Never, ever, debate religion with someone you don't know, and especially not with a follower of the religion of peace. 2) The police are no longer the friends of ordinary, decent folk trying to make an honest crust, but are firmly on the side of the 'entitled'. Never admit anything or try to explain and, if they nick you, insist on getting the duty lawyer. 3) This country no longer belongs to those whose antecedents were born here, but has been sold out to the only people who remain in Gordon the Moron's core vote.