Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Really Scraping The Rough Bits From The Bottom Of The Barrel?

In what has to be a ghastly admission that there is a severe dearth of competence let alone talent in the ranks of NuLiebore, The Great Unelected Leader has brought back the vile Margaret Hodge as Minister For Fucking Up Tourism.

This disgusting champagne socialist has blighted everything she has ever touched, including refusing to investigate organised child abuse at children's homes in Islington when she was merely in local government.

However, it is some small relief to know that the old bitch has not got a "Dorian Grey" portrait in her fucking attic. She's a fucking pig scarer and no mistake.

The Penguin


Fidothedog said...

Brilliant, I give it less than a day from her putting her spotty bum in the office chair to the first fuck up hitting the news.

Anonymous said...

Not the prettiest of maidens is she? You can recognise she's NuLiebore though by the crazed eyes.

Faux Cu said...

2 bagger

w v = porkeb

Leg-iron said...

3 bagger

I'd need one as well.

But Tourism? Do we still have that, with all that anti-tourist legislation?

Even the 'Independence Day' aliens wouldn't bother visiting us now.