Monday, 31 August 2009

Hundreds Killed, Thousands Maimed - MOD Saves A Few Quid

"It's The Way I Tell Them!"

Useless Bob Jobsworth is the absolutely ideal Secretary of State for Defence for NuLiebore.

He presides over the most inefficient and self-serving department in Shitehall, responsible (!) for such wondrous fuck-ups as the Chinnooks with no software, sending troops to war without the right kit in order to hide ministerial mendacity, cutting the medical provision for injured combatants, going to court to try and cut compensation awards, and sneakily withdrawing benefits from those soldiers so badly wounded that they cannot get decent jobs.

Now to save a few bob, soldiers are to train with blank ammunition.

Next they'll be ordered to shout "Bang!" at the fucking Taliban.

Yet McCavity flies off to Afghanistan for a photo opportunity...shame no one had the guts to throw him off the helicopter in the middle of Sangin and let him negotiate direct with the Taliban.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Reported today in press liebour want to talk with the Taliban. Well as Brown knows so much about courage lets get him to go and talk with them.

Anonymous said...

Looks like some of the troops behind Brown are trying to stifle grins of derision at his worthless lies. Looking at ARRSE most of the service people seem to realise what completely useless tossers Brown & Mr Wig (I've never seen a rug quite as bad as Bob's before)are. I particularly liked the bit about shooting him through the lungs & seeing whether he'd drown or bleed to death first.

Yes, send our Man of Courage & Banana Boy off to negotiate with the Taliban.

microdave said...

Anna Raccoon has a poll on her site:

Oldrightie said...

Jimmy will be dressed, as in my blog of yesterday , before you know it!

Anonymous said...


I have a slightly different version of this picture

AngryDave said...

Dont joke about such things, i imagine gorgon brown is already considering telling the soldiers to shout 'bang' at the teliban.
He is already sending them out to war with substandard kit and ammunition that is so substandard that it fails to work, jamming the weapons.

Anonymous said...

What pisses me off is making troops stand behind this cretin while he lies his head off.
Next time let the commanding officer tell Brown to !%^* off.