Saturday, 26 September 2009

Too Busy Handing Out Speeding Tickets and Killing Protestors To Tackle Hooligans.

There you have it, some senior plod has been stupid enough to blurt out in a public forum what we long suspected. They are simply too busy beating up protestors and handing out speeding tickets and other on the spot stealth taxes to deal with "low level hooliganism".

That is apparently the responsibility of "local authorities".

No wonder our streets are becoming no go areas, local authorities can't even organise a fucking weekly rubbish collection. Still, that won't stop your council taxes going up by way over the supposed rate of inflation, will it?

The Penguin


Roue le Jour said...

A cynical person could think that the police have been divided into two groups, anti-tourist squads and tax collectors. The former don't have enough to do so make stuff up, tazering trainspotters and the like, while the latter have neither the time for nor interest in criminals because there's no opotunity for a wedge.

David Davis (libertarian alliance) said...

if the State shall fail in its self-appointed duty, then we shall have to fire it (as a "guardian") and look to ourselves.

We shall have to start Carrying Arms. Soon.

NB: I am NOT suggesting guns: this will be bad Public Relations....

It can be low-level stuff at first. You know...that would fit in a pocket and not show anything.

We shall also need to train our children at an early age, say about 7 or 8, how to use said "materials".

It's "for the children".

Dark Lochnagar said...

You should stay here in Scotland, Penguin. Our council tax has been frozen by the Government for the last two years.

Anonymous said...

They are pushing us back to the times of Roman occupation.

Taxes collected and the rich protected. We are property for trade and their amusement.

We may have defeated the military wing of the nazzis but the fascists indeed won the war.

Anonymous said...

We need localism and elected Sheriffs as set out in Carswell and Hannan's book "The Plan".

We would then say what the priorities of the police had to be - or else the Sheriff is kicked out.

Eat your heart out Julia Middleton.

Get Smart said...

So now we know from the "super jobsworth" of the Leicestershire Police farce, that terrorizing a poor woman and her family for 10 years is just anti social behaviour. This includes pulling a knife of her son and driving her to kill herself and her daughter. I looked up their web site to find out what crime they do investigate.

"Police are appealing for witnesses after an incident of criminal damage in Leicester.

The incident happened at around 9.55pm on Tuesday September 15, 2009 when the wing mirrors on a blue Ford Fiesta parked on Cowdall Road were broken off.

Scratches were also made to the paintwork on the car"
They better change their slogan providing a second to none police providing no police service.