Thursday, 29 April 2010

What's WIth All The Fish?

Look At The Nasty Dead Eyes - You Can Tell It's Far From Fresh!

How come the Scotch Loony Party are infested with fish?

There's Alice Salmon supposedly in charge while taking more salaries than enough and trying to conceal his background in banking.
And then there's that whinging git Nicolas Sturgeon, who tried to get the courts to insist that they should be included in the big boys wankfest on TV.

I would like to see them get their independence so I don't have to pay huge amounts to prop them up.

Let them join those other hugely successful Celtic Tiger economies like Ireland and Iceland.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

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The Penguin said...

Oh dear, have I upset an anonymong? Good!

microdave said...

Must be one of the "Professionally Offended".

Aw, diddums...

Anonymous said...

Away and fuck yourself ya bam.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

From a careful analysis of the linguistic subtelties employed, I believe this anon may hail from the Dear Green Place.

The Penguin said...

Ah, would that be short for "bampot" by any chance? Are we upsetting anonymong porridge-wogs?

Anonymous said...

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Scotlands own you fuckpigs. You cannot even produce a PM. You deserve the snot gobbling cunt we gave you, keep him he fits in well with the rest of you spineless
cunts down there.

I used to shoot you fuckers in the Falklands, great for target practise.

Fuck of missing you already pea brain.

The Reverend Jock

The Penguin said...

Shockingly poor educational standards North of the border.

microdave said...

"Shockingly poor educational standards North of the border."

Or he could originally be from Rochdale...

Blind Pugh said...

I fear from his incoherence the anonymong has been at the Buckfast big time. Or maybe he was on the cocktails, Irn Bru and Lanliq with a splash of Brasso. Whatever, the cunt was obviously pissed and not responsible for his haverings. I'm sure he'll come back to apologise.

Anonymous said...

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The Penguin said...

Strange to find you back yet again, anonymong, with your piss-poor grammar and spelling showing you up yet again for being a sad inferior specimen barely fit to shovel shit.

Perhaps you're so thick you don't realise that you're making a prat of yourself?

Anonymous said...

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The Penguin said...

Hardly surprising that "Rabbie Burns" is so venerated on the wrong side of Hadrian's wall, or that a sheep's gut full of rubbish is the national dish. And now that the Japanese and the Irish make better whisky than they do, it's difficult to think of any rationale for their continued existence.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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The Penguin said...

I'm sure there's a whole raft of dreadful Scotchgit jokes, but I can't be arsed.

Just piss off back to your Buckfast and stop trying to annoy the grownups.

Anonymous said...

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The Penguin said...

I suggest you have a lie down and try and get some rest, Hamish, there's a good little anonymong.

Anonymous said...

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The Penguin said...

Sticks and stones, Hamish, sticks and stones.

Your writing style is rather novel - bit like a stream of consciousness but with all the higher brain activity filtered out.

Or more likely, absent to start with through congenital stupidity.