Friday, 9 April 2010

Let's All Say "Thank You" To Gordon!

Come on, get it off your chest! Here's your chance to say "Thank You!" to our beloved unelected snot-gobbling piss-stained wobble-jowled Prime Mentalist.

Gordon, I'd like to say "Thank You!" for:

Selling our gold and losing us £7 BILLION

Fucking over our pensions

Raising 178 stealth taxes

Doing away with Boom and Bust

The 10p tax fiasco

Creating the financial regulatory system that worked so well in preventing a banking crisis

Making Mandleweasel a fucking peer

Under-funding the armed forces

Telling lies

I could go on, and on, and on - but maybe you'd like to give thanks too?

The Penguin


Earthlet Nigel said...

Is it just me that's curious, cos I'd like to know who's footing the fare for the trollop of a wife in tow. Don't think she's too enamoured of being heckled though, skins too thin, and she's aware of the truth.

Jeremy Clarkson said...

Being a one-eyed Scottish idiot.

Captain Haddock said...

For selling my country down the crapper & turning it into an asylum seekers paradise .. and replica of the old East Germany ..

For making me a second-class citizen in my own country ..

For doing your damnedest to ruin my one pleasure in life .. Smoking my Pipe ..

Thanks a fucking bunch you cunt ..

I hope you catch some horrible, incurable disease and die a long, painful death ..

Eton Trifles said...

Thanks Gordon for getting us out of the recession. Thanks Gordon for stopping my house price from falling further. Thanks Gordon for turning the polls around.

Lets have the tories back in to fuck everything up again.

I dont think so, eh lads?

Captain Haddock said...

Ohh .. Hello .. The New Labour Rebuttal Unit has woken up ..

Just fuck off & find a proper job ...

Anonymous said...

Contributing to the "credit crunch" then trying to claim credit for solving the problem. The arsonist claiming credit for dialling 999. What a cunt!!

Anonymous said...

Don't you mean the arsonist gathering together all the material, soaking it in petrol & chucking some matches at it & then claiming 'a big boy did it & ran away'? Cunt! (McSnot that is).

Biffo said...

Delusional smirking fuckwit!

Captain Haddock said...

Eton Trifles ...

I understand Baroness Scotland is looking for a new cleaner .. sounds just up your street ...

Running round licking the arses of your ZuNuLieBore paymasters & mistresses ..

Eton Trifles said...

Seems I have upset a few bum holes on this here b(l)og.

Look forward to five more glorious years of Labour my right wing friends.

Special love to Fanny Haddock. Silly old pussy x

Captain Haddock said...

Oh dear, Oh dear ET (aptly named) ..

If your wit were made of canvas .. you'd have trouble finding sufficient to fashion a pair of puttees for a one-legged sparrow ..

As you write like an "Uphill Gardener" .. one can only assume that to be the case .. So, off you slither & suck some more Socialist Leadership cock ..

Anonymous said...

Helllo Hello Eton Trifle
Another feather duster on line

What pink sewer have you crawled out of. Go and stick your anteaters snout up some Labour
lacky's butt and give our species
some hope,,,

Brown fan

Shirt not Gordon

Eaton trifles said...

Thank you to all my fans. Especially Fanny Haddock. X

The Penguin said...

Blimey, the wankers at the rabid rebuttal unit seem to have been told to use one "name" - but some are better at spelling and punctuation that others.

Another triumph for "Education, Education, Education" - Thank You Gordon (and Tone)