Monday, 26 April 2010

Oh Dear, Pope Upset.

Difficult to have much sympathy for Pope Hitleryouth's hurt feelings at the embarrassing emergence of a Foreign Office document showing that under the inspiring leadership of Banana Boy Millipede the kids are having fun.

I suspect the victims of all that child abuse that the left-footers' leaders hid for so many years are rather more deserving of sympathy and some proper redress.

And if the infallible pontif chooses not to come the the UK, fucking good. Less police overtime to have to pay for.

The Penguin

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microdave said...

The printed edition has the story on the front cover, with the Vatican claiming that "Dark Forces" are at work in the UK.
I would have to agree with them about that, although their idea about what constitutes a dark force is probably somewhat different to mine...